Vive Harambee!Vive Harambee! is a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing access to sustainable clean water and sanitation in developing countries.  “Vive” in French means “Long live” and “Harambee” in Swahili means: “To pull together to work for a project.”  Our organization is intended to signify the uniting of a community around a common goal.  This grassroots organization was formed as a response to the earthquake in Haiti since many of our family and friends were impacted.  As our name Vive Harambee! indicates, our goal is to collaborate with communities to provide them opportunities to enhance existing living conditions and promote health and wellness. 

In many developing countries, water supplies are owned by the government or private sectors without participation from the local communities.  In many instances the outlying communities do not have access to any basic water systems.  Many people are forced to use contaminated water to cook, clean, and bathe which leads to diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, and hepatitis.  Our goal is to provide local communities with the skill to implement and sustain water wells and sanitation facilities.  Vive Harambee! will create these systems at no cost to the community.  This will ensure that each community will have a safer and healthier living environment.   

Access to safe water is a basic human right.  It can improve health, economy and the social well-being of a community.  With this in mind, Vive Harambee! is committed to providing our services to those most in need around the globe.

For More Info:

Vive Harambee!
713 866 4002

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